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At MO Sustainability Prize, we are committed to fostering innovation and driving positive change in Nigeria's sustainable development landscape. Founded by Mosope Olaosebikan, CEO of Possible EVS, our prize aims to recognize and reward the innovative solutions of young Nigerian entrepreneurs and university students in the field of green mobility and clean energy technologies. Join us as we empower the next generation of leaders to build a greener, more sustainable future for Nigeria and beyond.

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  • Mo's Sustainability Prize extends a warm invitation to university students in Nigeria with a fervent dedication to electric vehicles and sustainable mobility solutions. Regardless of whether you're an undergraduate or graduate student, if you're enthusiastic about revolutionizing transportation with electric vehicles, we invite you to participate and shine a spotlight on your groundbreaking ideas. Join us in driving forward the future of sustainable transportation through innovation and ingenuity.

  • Applying for Mo's Sustainability Prize is simple! During the application period, visit our website and complete the online application form. Provide detailed information about your project, including its objectives and potential impact. Don't forget to include any supporting materials, such as photos, videos, or prototypes, to help us understand your innovation better.

  • Applications for Mo's Sustainability Prize are assessed based on criteria such as creativity, feasibility, scalability, and environmental impact. Our panel of judges reviews each submission carefully to determine its potential to address sustainability challenges and drive positive change. Winners are chosen based on the quality and innovation of their projects.

application process

Steps In The Application Process



Visit our website during the application period and complete the online application form



After the application period closes, our panel of judges will carefully review each submission.



Finalists will be invited to pitch their sustainability projects to our panel of judges.



Following the pitch presentations, winners will be announced and prizes awarded.


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Are you passionate about sustainability and innovation? Do you have an innovative idea that could drive positive change in Nigeria? Get involved with the MO Sustainability Prize today! Whether you're a student, entrepreneur, investor, or sustainability advocate, there are plenty of ways to contribute to our mission. Explore opportunities to participate, support, or collaborate with us and help shape a greener, more sustainable future for Nigeria.